Stitch Fix #6

It’s been a while since I got a fix! It’s Christmas party season and every year I spend HOURS walking through malls and department stores in a daze, searching for just the right festive outfits and accessories. This year, I decided to let Stitch Fix do the leg work for me.

I asked my stylist for party glam pieces. I was thinking shimmer and bling! I linked her to my Pinterest board with examples of what I’m looking for. I have plenty of pants and jeans, so I asked her to focus on tops, layering pieces, and jewelry. The box fell a little short, and she even admitted it, ending a note to me with, “Sorry we don’t have much that is festive!” Boo. But I do like what she sent, even if they aren’t the party glam items I had hoped for. Here’s what she sent…


The first item is a black 41Hawthorn Alemany Mesh Detail Blouse.

I really like the mesh detail, I think it’s pretty cool and unlike anything I already have. The top is a nice quality material and it’s lined (where there’s not mesh). The length and fit is nice. I could dress it up or down, and I could wear it in winter with a cardigan, or in the summer with a pair of shorts. Christmas party piece? I don’t know, I was hoping for some bling or even a little color. But still, the verdict: KEEP!


The next item is a light grey Brixon Ivy Leora Swiss Dot Blouse.

This is really cute, I love the embroidered dots and the smocking on the shoulders. It’s lined, and has a little brass button on the back. (I love details!) I’m not sure about the length though, I tend to like things a little longer. It’s so cute and very comfortable though! Verdict: UNDECIDED. (What do you think?)


The third piece is a Bobeau Wallce Brushed Cardigan.

This cardigan is not at all what I was looking for. Purple is not a color I would choose for myself, and it’s way too casual for any holiday party I’m attending. However, it’s so buttery soft. And it looks nice with both tops in the box. I could see this easily becoming a staple piece – wear it to the grocery store. The bus stop. Out to lunch with hubby. Verdict: KEEP!


The fourth piece is a Brixon Ivy Mange Mixed Media Crochet Back Knit Top.

It has the feel and fit of a nice crew neck sweater. But it’s so sheer. Sooooo sheer. I held it up to a window so you can see how sheer.


It’s so pretty. I love the crochet. I can’t wear this, though. I tried it with a camisole underneath and it messed up the fit, causing the top to cling to me in all the wrong places. Verdict: SEND BACK.


The last item is this Bay to Baubles Wilford Floral Statement Necklace.

Purple again! Isn’t it so pretty, though? I like the idea of wearing a color besides red or green to a Christmas party. The stylist suggested I pair this mesh top with burgundy skinny jeans and this necklace, black heels, and maybe a cool blazer for layering. I like that idea, but I don’t already have burgundy jeans or a blazer that would coordinate, which means I’ve got to go shopping. I’ll likely rarely wear this necklace in the future, but… if everything else I buy is wearable again, what’s the harm in a statement necklace? Better than a dress I’ll only wear once, right? Verdict: probably will KEEP.

So that’s box #6! Hope you enjoyed, and if you decide to give Stitch Fix a try, will you use my referral link? I’d appreciate it so much! 🙂


Stitch Fix #5

It’s spring (almost summer) and that means it’s Stitch Fix time! Time to revive the old warm weather wardrobe and refresh it with some new pieces!

(If you haven’t read about Stitch Fix before and want to know a little more about how it works, check out my first post about the experience!)

The stylists out there at Stitch Fix have figured me out. This makes 2 boxes in a row that make me very, very happy! I’ll get right to it…

My first impression of the box wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. My first thoughts were, “Why so many dark colors? This is sheer, what am I going to do with that? Oh, this is going to be too short.” Once I started trying things on, though, I was so excited. I think I even once exclaimed out loud, “They really get me!” And this, friends, is why I love my Stitch Fixes like I do. I would have for sure passed all these items up at the store!

The first item is a Daniel Rainn Lenora Crochet Detail Tie-Neck Silk Blouse in black.

Daniel Rainn Lenora Crochet Detail Tie-Neck Silk Blouse

This is the one I thought would be too short, but it’s not! My first thought was to pair it with my new pink shorts, and that was ok. It could definitely go with about every short and pant I have!

Daniel Rainn Lenora Crochet Detail Tie-Neck Silk Blouse

(Pardon the blur.)

But then I thought about that black and white printed skirt I got in my last fix! Oh, I like the blouse with that a lot! New date night outfit!

Daniel Rainn Lenora Crochet Detail Tie-Neck Silk Blouse

Daniel Rainn Lenora Crochet Detail Tie-Neck Silk Blouse

It’s crocheted details are pretty and feminine, it’s light weight (perfect for South Carolina summers) and it’s versatile. The verdict? KEEP!

The second item in the box is an Olive & Oak Kira Mixed Stripe Racerback Tank in navy.

Olive & Oak Kira Mixed Stripe Racerback Tank

Loving this. Love love love. I put it on with my white jeans, but could go with the pink shorts, my denim boyfriend shorts, khaki or yellow or kelly green…

Olive & Oak Kira Mixed Stripe Racerback Tank

And I’m a sucker for a racerback. Love the look!

Olive & Oak Kira Mixed Stripe Racerback Tank

The length is good, the fabric is soft and light, it goes with lots of things in my closet. The verdict? KEEP!

The third item in the box was an instant fave! It’s a Nikkita Sheer Eyelet Back Hi-Lo Tank in pink.

Nikkita Sheer Eyelet Back Hi-Lo Tank

Now the front of this top looks like a plain jane tank. Pretty color, but not much to it. What I LOVE is the surprise when you turn around!


Eyelet!! My husband said it’s the mullet of clothing… business in the front and party in the back! He’s kinda right, and I guess I love mullets in a weird, indirect sort of way! Ha!

I already had my white jeans on, so…

Nikkita Sheer Eyelet Back Hi-Lo Tank

Plain Jane and then bam!

Nikkita Sheer Eyelet Back Hi-Lo Tank

Pretty eyelet! Now I didn’t wear a cami underneath this for the picture because really you can’t see much, but when I wear it out, I’ll make sure there’s a cami because my kids’ friends don’t need to know what my bra looks like. ;-P The verdict? KEEP!

The fourth item in the box is an Ark n Co Bev Striped Drawstring Maxi Dress.

Ark n Co Bev Striped Drawstring Maxi Dress

I love maxi dresses. I’m not sure they love me though. I felt like this might be too big, like maybe it’s made for a girl with a bigger bust and who wears high heels?

Ark n Co Bev Striped Drawstring Maxi Dress

I love the drawstring detail, and I love the solid black bottom (as a girl with a bubble butt, this is so appreciated).

Ark n Co Bev Striped Drawstring Maxi Dress

It just feels so big on. So saggy. Maybe that’s just the nature of the maxi dress. Please advise! Verdict: UNDECIDED. (This is where I add that if I keep everything in the box, I get a 25% discount and that more than pays for this dress, soooo… )

The fifth and last item in the box is an AV Max Sofie Leaf Cuff in gold.

AV Max Sofie Leaf Cuff

I love this bracelet. Really love it. I normally stay away from cuffs because they’re so often big and chunky, and that just looks strange on my small wrists.

AV Max Sofie Leaf Cuff

This cuff is perfect, it’s dainty and unique with the leaf details. I don’t have anything like it, and I’ll admit I took the tag off immediately and wore it out TWICE already! Verdict is easy: KEEP!

So that’s box #5! Hope you enjoyed, and if you decide to give Stitch Fix a try, will you use my referral link? I’d so much appreciate it! 🙂