Boredom Buster #1 – Pumpkin Pal

My 3rd grader attends a year-around school and therefore tends to have longer than average school breaks throughout the year.  These breaks are sometimes challenging, and I’ve found the best bet for survival is a list of Boredom Busters.

A week or two before break begins, I sit down at the computer and research. I look for local activities, craft ideas, science experiments and just anything fun we can do at home. I type them all up into a word doc and when the “I’m bored!” or “There’s nothing fun to do!” complaints start, I’m prepared!

Today is Week 1, Day 3 of fall break here, and I had to pull out my list and get them busy with their first Boredom Buster – Pumpkin Pals! I found the idea over at I liked this because it’s fall themed and because though it’s listed for grades 3 through 6, I knew I could simplify it enough so that my 4 year old could also participate.

Prep: I made a few notes to myself about how they could develop their Pumpkin Pals… names, ages, personality traits. I collected craft supplies in a basket, and I cut pumpkin shapes out of orange construction paper.

To start, I gave them paper and pencils and had them start jotting down who their Pumpkin Pals are.

developing the Pumpkin Pal

writing details

I did the handwriting for my 4 year old while she dictated, and then I asked her to draw where her Pumpkin Pal lives.

drawing the pumpkin patch

Next, I gave them their pumpkin shapes, and following the instructions on the lesson plans site, I suggested the pumpkin be their Pal’s head and for them to use their imaginations with the rest.

craft supplies

My 8 year old did great with this, he’s a big fan of free style craft time. He went to work at creating a Star Wars Clone Trooper pumpkin. My 4 year old struggled a little with making some of the supplies work the way she wanted, so she had some Mommy help.

making pumpkin pals

This little project took around 45 minutes from the time they sat down to the time they taped their “biographies” and Pumpkin Pals to the wall.

And without further ado, I’m pleased to present Clone Trooper Pumpkin, age 45, and Sally Pumpkin, age 12 1/2.  Clone enjoys weapons, gear and pizza. He’s not a fan of various types of Droids. 🙂

clone trooper pumpkin

Sally likes pizza, pretty dresses (as seen in the photo), flowers and sunshine. Her dislikes are rain, bees and flags. Haha!

sally pumpkin