Stitch Fix #4

Stitch Fix time!

I took a short break from Stitch Fix, I felt like I’d shopped enough for the summer and decided to save my money for fall. So I’ll get right to it!

Possibly my favorite box so far!

I’ll start with the easy one. I say that because I got the box, tried it on and immediately cut the tags off and wore it out. LOVE. IT.

It’s a Colourworks Thompson Boat Neck Sweater in a pretty deep purple.

Colourworks Thompson Boat Neck Sweater

I NEVER pick out purple for myself. There’s nothing purple in my closet. Nothing at all. And this is why I love Stitch Fix. They send me things I wouldn’t have chosen for myself and I never would have thought I’d like, and yet I do!

The sweater is so soft, and so comfy. It’s a wool blend, so it’s warm, but not too warm (I’m in South Carolina after all). The shape is flattering., and it’s the kind of sweater that I can dress down with jeans and boots, or dress up with trousers and jewelry. So happy they sent it!

I’ll leave the sweater on for the next one. They sent me jeans! These are Just Black Connely Skinny Jeans in black.

Just Black Connely Skinny Jean

Love these jeans, they fit better than any of the skinnies I have so far, and they’re so comfy. They’re more like jeggings than skinnies, in my opinion, but I like them like that.

Just Black Connely Skinny Jean - back

Only problem is, I already have black skinnies, and black leggings, and black pants. Even though these are nicer than my current black skinnies, I don’t know that I can justify them.

Next is another sweater! This is an Under Skies Tuckerman Airy Knit Sweater in pretty rosy pink!

Under Skies Tuckerman Airy Knit Sweater

While I love the color, and I love the “airy knit” aspect of the sweater… I’m not in love with the shape.

Under Skies Tuckerman Airy Knit Sweater

That slit up the side is what ruins it for me. It gives it this boxy, shapeless fit that’s not flattering on me. I feel like I have to constantly adjust it to keep it straight. I think if it were longer, I could tolerate the slits? Like if it were more tunic-like?

Under Skies Tuckerman Airy Knit Sweater

I tried putting a button-down under it to see if that helped, but nope. I think it needs to go back.

When I saw this next one in the box, I wasn’t so sure. It’s a Lily Marieta Geo Print Jersey Skirt in black and white.

Lily Marieta Geo Print Jersey Skirt

I never ever go for prints like this, but I think I love it! The shape is perfectly me with the swingy ruffle on the bottom. It has black lining so that when the skirt swings, it doesn’t show too much leg, and the ruffle has a sweet hint of black edging on it.

Lily Marieta Geo Print Skirt

I put a white ruffled top with it and I think it’s ok. I could wear a black cardigan or maybe even a blazer on a chilly evening. (I also have a black ruched top that would look good, but it’s in the laundry.) I really think a pop of color would be fun, though. Something like this in a silky material? Maybe red for the holidays, and some hot black pumps and dangle earnings?

Lily Marieta Geo Print Jersey Skirt

Speaking of earrings, Stitch Fix sent me some!

These are Bay to Baubles Tear Frame & Stone Earrings. I don’t have a large earring collection. In fact, I just have 3 pairs that I wear (two if you count that I lost a diamond stud earring last month somewhere in the house and I still haven’t found it). I could use earrings. I used to only wear studs or very small hoops and dangles. I’m trying to be adventurous and wear more statement pieces occasionally. I think I like these, but I’m not used to seeing myself wearing something like it so I don’t know!

Bay to Baubles Tear Frame & Stone Earrings

So that’s my fourth Stitch Fix! What do you think? I think they came very close to nailing it! Should I keep the earrings? Any suggestions on how to wear the skirt?

If you’d like to see my past Stitch Fix boxes, click on the Stitch Fix tag below the post, or click here.

One more thing! If you decide to try Stitch Fix, would you mind using my referral link? I get a $25 credit if you do, and I’d be so appreciative!


Family Room Update

A little progress has been made in our family room!

Here’s the “before” of our family room. My husband took this the first time he saw the house. Apologies to our realtor for including her in the pic! (And by the way, if you ever need a realtor in the Columbia, South Carolina area – please contact me and I’ll give you her number, she’s FABULOUS!)

family room before

And here’s how the room looks now.

family room in July 2012

The biggest difference, aside from the room now being furnished, is the paint color. Almost the entire first floor of the house was painted yellow. Don’t get me wrong, yellow’s alright, but it’s not my favorite. It had to go. We opted for a beige called Navajo Sand from Home Depot.

This room has been a little bit of a struggle because of it’s size. It’s about half the size of our last family room (in a house that’s twice as big as our last!). It’s really more of a nook. There wasn’t room for comfy, overstuffed chairs like you’d normally prefer in a family room. I opted for the Louis style chairs so as to not crowd the room. Definitely still need some accent pieces in there, though! Tables? Maybe a tufted bench along the empty wall on the right? Still working that out in my mind.

Here’s a closer look.

closer look family room July 2012

The biggest thing that’s sticking out at me right now is the green tile around the fireplace. It’s gotta go. I’m thinking something neutral, in brown and beige tones. Or maybe even a natural stone look. Like these…

Source: via Stefani on Pinterest

Source: via Stefani on Pinterest

Source: via Stefani on Pinterest


I’m also not loving the gray pillows on the chairs.

gray pillow on chair July 2012

There is gray in the curtain fabric, but the gray pillows on the dark gray chairs just isn’t working (although I do like the texture they add). In the formal living room of the house, I’m hoping to maybe bring in some aqua or turquoise, so I thought a way to make the rooms flow would be to put a couple of little aqua blue/green pillows on the chairs. I took pictures of a couple of fabric swatches that are already in consideration for the formal living room. While I love these fabrics, I’m not sure I love them here. I put the swatches over the back of the chair… what do you think?

This is Magnolia Home Fashions Java Ikat Spa. I’m so obsessed with ikats right now! I’m looking for excuses to use it all over the house.

Magnolia Home Fashions Java Ikat Spa swatch with room view

And this diamond bamboo print is Premier Prints Key West Village Blue/Natural. I thought it might work because it repeats the diamond pattern in the rug, but maybe that’s too much diamond?

Premier Prints Key West Village Blue and Natural swatch with room view

I’ll spend some time looking for more options this week. With all four kids out of school right now, I’m not spending a lot of real time in the fabric stores… thank goodness for the ability to order swatches online!

I hope my next house update includes some before and after pics of the breakfast room. We’re oh-so-close to being done in there!

Baby Girl’s 1st Birthday, and Memorial Day Weekend

We’ve had a busy weekend here at Greene Gables (as I’ve nicknamed the new house – not sure it’s really catching on, though, haha)!

Margaret turned ONE YEAR OLD on Friday! To think that during her pregnancy, we weren’t sure I’d carry her to term. All those worries. And now a year and a half later, we are celebrating the first birthday of this beautiful, perfect baby girl.

We kept her birthday simple. Cake and balloons. She had a blast, and especially liked her first official taste of cake.

I made her cake myself, and it was so simple! I used a Wilton 1M tip and followed the rosette techniques I searched out on YouTube. Crazy easy, I think the hardest part was getting the ombre colors right (I may have gone too subtle, but overall I think the look is there). Personally, my family isn’t crazy about homemade butter cream frosting, they just find it too rich. So I have started using store bought tubs of frosting and adding powdered sugar to get it to the desired thickness for piping. It’s still super sweet, but not as heavy so it’s a little easier to eat.

In other exciting news, the neighborhood pool opened this weekend! The kids have been counting down the days, they were so excited to put on their suits and head down for a swim. We love love love our new neighborhood and it’s beautiful pool. We can’t wait to use it OFTEN this summer!

(don’t mind the iphone pic)

And lastly, we spent the day of Memorial Day getting a little yard work done. Buying an older home, there’s been all sorts of little surprises in the yard. Pretty flowers and shrubs popping up that we didn’t expect. One of these has been dozens and dozens of daylilies. I like daylilies, but these were old and haven’t been maintained, so they’ve spread randomly and just made our front flower beds look messy. So I dug many out yesterday and I’ll start fresh. Before I dug them out, I let the girls walk around and cut the existing flowers so the plants weren’t a total waste!

When I cut flowers, I usually will take my vase straight out into the yard to put cut flowers into. That wasn’t really an option for the girls, so I looked around and saw this milk jug in the recycling bin and thought Perfect! I cut just the top off, leaving the handle, and I filled the bottom with some water. This made an easy-to-carry and unbreakable container for the girls to gather flowers. It worked so well, I put it in the cabinet in the laundry room for another time rather than putting it back in recycling.

So that was our Memorial Day weekend! I hope yours was a good one as well!

Hello, 2012! (alternate title: The Year of Big Changes)

We’ve had a lot going on in the last year: I was put on 14 weeks of strict bedrest with our 4th child, which was a strain on our family in many ways. We had a major house flood that caused tens of thousands of dollars of damage and forced us to leave our home for a while (while I was on bedrest). There was the birth of our baby, a beautiful girl, happy and healthy! Sadly we lost my mother-in-law to cancer, and a few months later we lost our dog of 13 years. And our latest going-on, my husband was offered, and accepted, a new job. This means our family of 6 + dog + tarantula will be packing up and moving state this spring!

We’re leaving our hometown of 14 years in North Carolina and making a new home in Columbia, South Carolina, and while we’re all excited for this adventure to start, we first have to make it through the Limbo Phase of out-of-state relocation. I’m not particularly fond of the Limbo Phase and I sometimes fail miserably at dealing with it gracefully, but I can at least say that I wake up every day ready to start new and try again.

Along the way, there have been little things here and there that I find make life easier and I want to blog about them. How I’m managing my dinner menus while my husband is out of town, what I pack in my house hunting survival bag, how I’m keeping my house clean enough to show while our big family + pets still actually live here… I’m excited to share these little things, as simple and no-brainer as some may be, because I know when you’ve got a lot going on, every little tip and hint can make a difference. I don’t have it all figured out yet, though, so I hope my 3 readers 😉 will chime in on each blog post with what works for them in similar cases as well!

In the meantime, here’s a little product that makes me happy every morning. My husband bought me this Thermos to-go mug for my coffee in the mornings while I’m carting kids to school. I’ve tried many varieties of these to-go mugs, and this is by far my favorite. Nobody is paying me to say this, I promise! I just want to pass it on when I find a good product. He found it at Wa1mart, I don’t know how much he spent, hopefully less than the listed price, but honestly if that’s what it cost, it was well worth it. My coffee stays hot and most importantly, it doesn’t have that weird to-go mug taste that so many do! It’s also this pretty magenta color. 🙂

Thermos Vacuum Insulated Travel Tumbler

It’s laundry day, so I’m off to fluff and fold, but look for some new posts soon!

I’ve got spring fever!

I was looking through photos from last summer yesterday, remembering how lovely all the greenery is, and suddenly… BAM I’ve got spring fever. In January. What a bummer, I’ve got a long wait for that green to come back!

In the meantime, I thought I’d spring-ify (sure, it’s a word) my mantel. I found the spring fling garland I started two years ago, but never finished. Yeah, two years ago! My poor neglected, half-finished projects.

So I finished up the garland this morning and I’m so happy with how it turned out, I thought I’d share.



I even dug out my Easter bunnies for the occasion!

The spring fling garland was super easy to make, just a little time consuming cutting out all those circles of fabric. I did the cutting while I watched TV on the weekend, sewed them together after all the cutting was done and then threaded them onto the twine. Follow the link above for a more detailed tutorial.

Now, bring on spring, y’all!

Menu Plan Monday – 01.03.2011

Finally, at 19 weeks pregnant, I can plan meals again without feeling queasy! Yippee!

Meal Plan Monday

I took a couple meal ideas from my  most recent issue of Cooking Light.

Monday:  smoky pan-grilled pork chops, caramelized onion smashed potatoes and lemon broccoli

Tuesday:  beef tagine with butternut squash, scallion couscous

Wednesday:  chicken fajitas for the grown-ups, cheese quesadillas for the kids, homemade guacamole and chips

Thursday:  meatloaf, salad

Friday:  spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, salad

Saturday:  grilled Hawaiian chicken, wild rice, pineapple and cucumber salad

Sunday:  French toast, bacon, fruit