Annabelle Banner

This is another one of those UFOs found while cleaning last week. It’s a name banner that I’d hoped to use as decoration for my youngest daughter’s first birthday, but I lost steam when I found my white school glue was warping my paper and pressing between books wasn’t helping.

Thankfully now, a year later, I’m seeing it with new eyes. Why didn’t I use something like, oh, spray-on adhesive? Or even simpler, glue dots? Yes, glue dots were the answer! So that’s how I finished it.

I’ve seen these types of banners/pennants/garlands/whatever-you-want-to-call-them all over party planning blogs, Etsy, etc. Loved them, didn’t want to fork over the cash for them, so I started out to make one myself. I don’t have any fancy punches or cutters, I did the circles the old fashioned way. I used a bowl from my kitchen to trace circles onto scrapbook paper, then I cut them out using scalloped shears.

The letters are from Martha Stewart, they came precut in bags and I found them on a clearance end cap at W*lmart. Stuck the first few on with glue, that was a no, so this morning stuck the rest of the letters on with glue dots, this was a yes! Punched holes in the tops of the circles, strung them with white satin ribbon and I’m done!

My youngest daughter has her 2nd birthday coming up next week, I’m not sure I’ll use the banner for that occasion or not, so I went ahead and hung it over her bed this morning. She Ooohs and Aaahs when she sees it, I think it’s a WIN!


chalkboard: the final-after shot

All done!  I endured the 3 day wait, “conditioned” it as the can of paint instructed, and now I’m free to write and draw anything I can I dream up!  Yay for chalkboard paint!  (I actually wrote that on the chalkboard, hehe!)

final chalkboard


While my Mom-in-law was visiting last week, we got to talking about all our unfinished projects.  I was telling her of my huge stack of unfinished sewing stuff and various other ideas I’d had and bought supplies for.  She told me that she calls these “UFOs” – Un-Finished Objects.

I remembered this week a project I bought supplies for several months ago – a magnetic chalkboard wall in the kitchen.  Since buying all the supplies, we had a change in ideas for the wall I had in mind so I had packed the cans of paint and rollers away.  Once I got to thinking about it again, though, I realized I had one other wall space that would work.  It’s much smaller than the original wall space, but actually a lot more practical in location.  So I won’t be able to do large fun drawings, but I will be able to write reminders to be seen as we’re leaving the house, or grocery lists or weekly menus.

I got to work on it yesterday just as soon as Kat went down for her afternoon nap and managed to finish it up right after the kids went to bed last night.  Yay for knocking out a project in one day!  I did 3 coats of magnetic paint and 2 coats of chalkboard paint.  I didn’t take a before, but here’s my semi-after:

chalkboard wall

I say semi-after because we can’t write on it for 3 days.  Right now it looks like nothing more than a black accent wall (and I’m not an accent wall kinda girl, so it’s bugging me).  Once we can start writing on it, and it’s apparent what it’s purpose is, I think it’ll look better.  (you’ll have to please excuse the condition of the baseboards and doors – dogs and kids will do that.  one day I’ll get around to repainting them all)  And just FYI – that door leads to the laundry/mud room, which then leads out to the garage, so we go through it every time we leave the house.  To the left there are the doors to the pantry, and to the right (not pictured) is the fridge.  So this really is a great location for a chalkboard – it will make it easy to jot down notes or To Buy lists.

So there you have it.  The first UFO I can mark off my list!  YAY!