100th Day of School!

Every year, about mid-January, I start hitting Pinterest for 100th Day of School project ideas. Am I alone? I can’t help but think I’m not! 😉

Last year, we lucked out and there were no at-home 100th Day projects for my kiddos, but this year my kindergartner has to make a shirt to wear.

In 2013, my Oldest Daughter and I made this shirt for the 100th Day of School.

100th Day of School shirt

So adorable, so easy, so fun!

So stubborn! She won’t release the shirt nor the rights to the idea to her little sister! “It was MY idea, she can’t copy!” (Technically it was someone-on-the-internet’s idea, but no time for arguments now, I have pinning to do!)

‘Tis alright, Middle Daughter, there are loads of new, fun ideas floating around!

100th pin board

Click here to see the ideas I’ve collected on Pinterest. I think my favorite is the shirt with the 100 felt hearts! What cute ideas do you have? Please share them! 🙂


Sneak peek at the playroom


Pardon the iPhone pics, but I wanted to post a quick update to the playroom/guest bedroom decorating project! This pic shows a before and after of the fabric. Previously a swag in my boy’s bedroom, now a panel in the room that will be a playroom and a guestroom.

I’m so excited to see it coming together, but there’s still so much more to do. I need to finish the curtain panels, install light fixtures, choose wall art, configure the rest of the toy storage, oh and choose a paint color for the walls because I’m not loving that tan right now. There’s also an attached bathroom that is getting a makeover as well, I’ll be sure to document!

Baby Girl’s 1st Birthday, and Memorial Day Weekend

We’ve had a busy weekend here at Greene Gables (as I’ve nicknamed the new house – not sure it’s really catching on, though, haha)!

Margaret turned ONE YEAR OLD on Friday! To think that during her pregnancy, we weren’t sure I’d carry her to term. All those worries. And now a year and a half later, we are celebrating the first birthday of this beautiful, perfect baby girl.

We kept her birthday simple. Cake and balloons. She had a blast, and especially liked her first official taste of cake.

I made her cake myself, and it was so simple! I used a Wilton 1M tip and followed the rosette techniques I searched out on YouTube. Crazy easy, I think the hardest part was getting the ombre colors right (I may have gone too subtle, but overall I think the look is there). Personally, my family isn’t crazy about homemade butter cream frosting, they just find it too rich. So I have started using store bought tubs of frosting and adding powdered sugar to get it to the desired thickness for piping. It’s still super sweet, but not as heavy so it’s a little easier to eat.

In other exciting news, the neighborhood pool opened this weekend! The kids have been counting down the days, they were so excited to put on their suits and head down for a swim. We love love love our new neighborhood and it’s beautiful pool. We can’t wait to use it OFTEN this summer!

(don’t mind the iphone pic)

And lastly, we spent the day of Memorial Day getting a little yard work done. Buying an older home, there’s been all sorts of little surprises in the yard. Pretty flowers and shrubs popping up that we didn’t expect. One of these has been dozens and dozens of daylilies. I like daylilies, but these were old and haven’t been maintained, so they’ve spread randomly and just made our front flower beds look messy. So I dug many out yesterday and I’ll start fresh. Before I dug them out, I let the girls walk around and cut the existing flowers so the plants weren’t a total waste!

When I cut flowers, I usually will take my vase straight out into the yard to put cut flowers into. That wasn’t really an option for the girls, so I looked around and saw this milk jug in the recycling bin and thought Perfect! I cut just the top off, leaving the handle, and I filled the bottom with some water. This made an easy-to-carry and unbreakable container for the girls to gather flowers. It worked so well, I put it in the cabinet in the laundry room for another time rather than putting it back in recycling.

So that was our Memorial Day weekend! I hope yours was a good one as well!