Kitchen Update and Sneak Peek

It’s been 3/4 of a year since I last posted. Shame on me! Life certainly hasn’t stopped here though, in spite of my lack of documentation. About the time I posted last, my husband gave me the gift of a kitchen remodel for Mother’s Day! He’s been working hard in his (rare) spare time and it’s oooooh so close! So close!! I wanted to tell you what we’ve done so far and give you a sneak peak! (I promise to follow up with proper After photos when every detail is finished.)

First, here’s a Before photo of the crazy green kitchen we bought in spring of 2012. I’m positive it’s the reason for the deal we got on the otherwise amazing house in an amazing neighborhood. (Well that and the abundance of wallpaper and brass circa 1993.)

green kitchen before

My husband took that photo with his iphone on his first viewing of the house without me. I took the liberty of lightening up the shadows so that you can see just how green it was!

In 2014, we tackled the Big Green Monster as we had nicknamed it.

First and foremost, lots of paint! I chose a two-toned scheme for the cabinets, with chocolate brown on the bottom and ecru on the top. Very practical reasons – to hide little finger smudges below and reflect light around above. The budget didn’t allow us to replace the corian counters yet (we do still have a lot of house to fix up), but thankfully they are a neutral light gray and work. Because we do want to eventually replace the counters, we didn’t want to invest in expensive tile backsplash, so we opted for painted beadboard. I used a crowbar and pulled off that short corian lip/backsplash myself before installation of the beadboard so that we get that full counter to cabinet look! Hubby bulked up the cabinetry by adding trim to the back of the peninsula and to the ends of the cabinets. He hardwired under-cabinet lighting (on a dimmer, even). All new cabinet and drawer pulls, as well as hinges. He painted over the yellow walls I never liked. We replaced the wall oven/microwave combo and range hood (still waiting on the cooktop to go). We added board and batten to the right of the peninsula (that will eventually have hooks for the kids’ backpacks). I’m SURE I’m forgetting things. So much has changed! See for yourself…

remodeled kitchen sneak peek

Still left on the To Do List… two more upper cabinet doors need one last coat of paint, trim added on the bottom of the upper cabinets, a new faucet and a window treatment over the sink. So close!!


pretty magazine files, easy!

Long time no post, eh?

I’m just starting the process of organizing and decorating my home office and I thought I might share some of the steps I take here on the trusty ‘ole blog.

I’m sick with a cold and my husband’s traveling for work, so one teeny little step to start.

I bought these cardboard magazine file boxes from Ikea for $2/5 pk.

Ikea Magazine File Box _ plain

I knew when I saw them that I’d cover them somehow. Originally, I wanted to use fabric, but then I quickly realized it’d be much easier to use paper. Paper with my very own homemade designs. I whipped up some words and graphics and printed them on 8.5 x 14″ paper.

paper and spray adhesive

And then I bought this handy dandy can of spray adhesive! Forgive me, this is the first time I’ve used glue in a can and wowee wow wow! I’m going to be gluing stuff to other stuff for days. Love. (Nevermind that my hands and forearms are now sticky from spraying and holding… that’ll go away with a good scrubbing, I hope!)

Cut the paper to fit, spray the adhesive onto the back and apply it to the magazine file like a sticker. Voila!

new pretty magazine file

Here are a few together on my bookshelf. I didn’t crop out the mess on the shelf above so you can see how this organizing is truly needed.

pretty boxes on messy shelf

Spray adhesive rocks my world. Let’s see what else I can use it for…