Valentine’s kisses and stashes

I made chocolate lollies for my kids’ Valentine’s treats today. Can’t wait for them to see them!

I hit the Wilton section of Michael’s a few weeks ago and picked up the candy molds, melting chocolates, lolly sticks and candy bags. They were so easy and I think they turned out super cute!

Valentine's kisses and stashes


Valentines Finds 2012

I have a special little something up my sleeve for my kids this year, but before I post more about that, here are some of my favorite Valentines ideas I’ve seen around Pinterest lately!

teacher appreciation week

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, so I’ve put a few things together for Jag’s teachers (both the primary and assistant teachers).  They looked so pretty sitting on the dining room table (my gift/decor holding area – not like we use that room for anything else!), I thought I’d snap a picture.

teacher gifts

Today I sent in hand-dipped (by me!) chocolate pretzels, so those aren’t pictured here.  The gift bag in the back is classroom supplies – dry erase markers and eraser.  The yellow and green tin watering cans each have a cactus and gardening gloves (in colors matching the cans).  And up front, my favorite chocolates – Lindt truffles, assorted flavors.  Mmmm!

Jag’s also going to sit down and write each teacher a thank you note to take in this week.