Family Room Redux

I haven’t shared anything house related in almost a year! Has it really been that long? Wow!

We’ve been busy living life and taking our house projects one baby step at a time, so nothing major has been completed in the last year, but there have been some things that are share worthy. I’ll try to get those up on the blog this summer!

In the meantime, I took one of those baby steps today that I want to share! Last I posted about the family room, it looked like this:

closer look family room July 2012


Had my curtains up, had my sand colored paint up, and I had the new Louis style chairs. I don’t know why the TV wasn’t on the bookcase here, I must have taken this picture after we painted and before we set the TV back up.

There have been some changes since then, this was the family room this morning:

family room in July 2013


I ended up not loving the Louis style chairs in this room, they weren’t big enough, so I moved them into other rooms. I found a wonderful consignment furniture store in my town and scored these two gorgeous wing back chairs and ottoman! The chairs are covered in a pale blue and white greek key patterned fabric, and the ottoman in a wheat colored linen (scroll down to see a better picture of them). The mirror on the mantel was actually the first thing we bought for the mantel at our last house, it was silver then. I used a combination of gold and oil-rubbed bronze spray paints to give it an antiqued gold finish and now it fits this room perfectly! The white plaques on the wall to the right were clearance finds at Ballard Designs.

Back to that baby step today: I painted the inside of the built-in bookcases! This has been on my list of ideas for several months. Today has been a rainy day and the kids have been entertaining themselves with a combo of board games and movies, so I found myself with a little free time. I figured why not? ūüôā

family room july 2013 with painted bookcases


I used a medium caramel brown and I really think it adds depth and a little richness to the room. Well worth the 2 hours of work! Of course, now I want all new tchotchkes. Happens every time I change something! ūüėČ

family room chair painted bookcase july 2013


Here’s a better look one of the chairs and the ottoman. I really do feel like I’ve hit the jackpot with my local furniture consignment store, they always have something I want to bring home!

Still on the list is to replace the green tile around the fireplace, and oh that TV! I think I might have to hire someone to come in and hang it over the mantel, hubby is a little nervous about drilling into the trim work on that wall so it may be better that we leave it to a pro.

More later, y’all! Laundry is calling!


Family Room Update

A little progress has been made in our family room!

Here’s the “before” of our family room. My husband took this the first time he saw the house. Apologies to our realtor for including her in the pic! (And by the way, if you ever need a realtor in the Columbia, South Carolina area – please contact me and I’ll give you her number, she’s FABULOUS!)

family room before

And here’s how the room looks now.

family room in July 2012

The biggest difference, aside from the room now being furnished, is the paint color. Almost the entire first floor of the house was painted yellow. Don’t get me wrong, yellow’s alright, but it’s not my favorite. It had to go. We opted for a beige called Navajo Sand from Home Depot.

This room has been a little bit of a struggle because of it’s size. It’s about half the size of our last family room (in a house that’s twice as big as our last!). It’s really more of a nook. There wasn’t room for comfy, overstuffed chairs like you’d normally prefer in a family room. I opted for the Louis style chairs so as to not¬†crowd the room. Definitely still need some accent pieces in there, though! Tables? Maybe a tufted bench along the empty wall on the right? Still working that out in my mind.

Here’s a closer look.

closer look family room July 2012

The biggest thing that’s sticking out at me right now is the green tile around the fireplace. It’s gotta go. I’m thinking something neutral, in brown and beige tones. Or maybe even a natural stone look. Like these…

Source: via Stefani on Pinterest

Source: via Stefani on Pinterest

Source: via Stefani on Pinterest


I’m also not loving the gray pillows on the chairs.

gray pillow on chair July 2012

There is gray in the curtain fabric, but the gray pillows on the dark gray chairs just isn’t working (although I do like the texture they add). In the formal living room of the house, I’m hoping to maybe bring in some aqua or turquoise, so I thought a way to make the rooms flow would be to put a couple of little aqua blue/green pillows on the chairs. I took pictures of a couple of fabric swatches¬†that are¬†already in consideration for the formal living room. While I love these fabrics, I’m not sure I love them here. I put the swatches over the back of the chair… what do you think?

This is¬†Magnolia Home Fashions Java Ikat¬†Spa. I’m so obsessed with ikats right now! I’m looking for excuses to use it all over the house.

Magnolia Home Fashions Java Ikat Spa swatch with room view

And this diamond bamboo print is Premier Prints Key West Village Blue/Natural. I thought it might work because it repeats the diamond pattern in the rug, but maybe that’s too much diamond?

Premier Prints Key West Village Blue and Natural swatch with room view

I’ll spend some time looking for more options this week. With all four kids out of school right now, I’m not spending a lot of real time¬†in the fabric stores… thank goodness for the ability to order swatches online!

I hope my next house update includes some before and after pics of the breakfast room. We’re oh-so-close to being done in there!

Ooooh! Pretty new fabric!

I haven’t posted about my plans for decorating the family room yet, so I’ll combine that post with my Squeeee!! post about my family room drapery fabric arriving 6 weeks earlier than I expected! YAY!

I bit the bullet and ordered the fabric I’d been thinking about since week 2 in our new house. Order was placed about 3 weeks ago and I was told it’d be a minimum of 9 weeks for delivery, so you can imagine my surprise when this big roll of fabric arrived on my doorstep yesterday!

Although it’s¬†backlit and colors aren’t really showing true, you can get a little bit of an idea of what I’m going for with this photo. I agonized over chairs. AGONIZED. Our family room is really more of a nook than a true room. It’s small and right in the center of the house, off the kitchen. There just wasn’t room for comfy over-stuffed chairs like we’d typically want in a family room. I considered wingback chairs for a while and decided against because of their height. I ended up with¬†2 of¬†these Louis XV chairs that I found on Overstock. I don’t like to buy furniture without seeing it in person or trying it out, but I took a chance and I love them!

The rug is a simple diamond pattern. Everyone thinks I’m crazy for going with light colors with 4 kids and a dog, but it’s stain-guarded and so far everything has come up off of it easily. At this stage in our lives, any floor covering I buy is considered temporary, I’m sure I’ll need to replace it in 2-3 years so I didn’t¬†want to spend¬†a lot. It’s low pile, but surprisingly soft considering how little I spent!

I originally ordered a swatch of the¬†fabric from Pottery Barn¬†as an option for the upholstery on the wingback chairs I was considering then. I remember thinking, “I don’t like this for chairs, but it’d make beautiful curtains. Wish they sold it by the yard.” So I checked and don’t you know, they do!

And not pictured is the sofa. Honestly, the sofa isn’t at all what I went out looking for. But we really need it to be leather and we need it to be a dark color. After having a tan microfiber sofa¬†in the last house, I learned my lesson. So we chose something that first and foremost met the color and care requirements, and then after that picked the most comfortable. I was thinking something a little more streamlined, but I did have a requirement of a higher back so that we could really sink into the sofa when we cuddle up to watch tv… this is where all these requirements landed us. It’s so soft, I love sitting in it!

Oh, and in the top picture, you can see a small paint chip taped to the wall above the fabric. Paint color is still up in the air. That chip was my favorite of the stack I brought home, but I’m not committed to it yet. I think I need a fresh stack of chips now that I have the fabric and see where it takes me.