woolly letter M

Just because I was away from the blog for months doesn’t mean I wasn’t busy!

Here’s a little something I did for the baby’s nursery. I knew I wanted to incorporate her first initial into the decor somehow, but I wanted something a little different. We decided to nickname the baby Mary, and the first thing my then 4 year old said was, “just like Mary had a little lamb!” Indeed! So a theme for the nursery was born, and the best way I could figure to make the initial was make it look woolly like a lamb.

woolly letter M

For this easy little project, I used a wooden letter M, a sharp pair of scissors, a skein of Bunny Tail yarn (I dearly love this stuff!) and some white school glue.

bunny tail yarn

I didn’t take photos as I went along; I worked on mine late at night as I watched TV. But I’ll try to recreate the events for you. 🙂

First, I cut all the little “bunny tails” off the string.

cut off the bunny tails

I don’t have a before photo of my letter M. It’s a large capital M that came primed from Michael’s. For the purpose of recreating, I’ll use this smaller, non-primed wooden letter. If your letter isn’t primed, it might be best to brush on a coat or two of paint in the color of your bunny tails so that the color of the wood doesn’t peek through.

put bunny tails on the letter

Now I just smeared white school glue onto the wooden letter and positioned the bunny tails onto the letter. I worked in sections, making sure to smoosh them together as close as possible. The bunny tails are longer than they are wide, so I was sure to alternate their positions, putting them this way and that so there wouldn’t be any apparent pattern and it’d look more fluffly like real lamb’s wool. I covered the front and sides, but left the back unfinished so that it would lean or hang flat against the wall when I used it in my decor.

the finished woolly M

And voila! A woolly letter M!

Mary's M


Repurpose: knee socks to baby legs

Hi.  Remember me?  Long time no post, huh?  I have all sorts of things to share… projects I’ve worked on and projects I hope to work on soon.  It’s all about finding the time to take the pictures and post… that’s where I get hung up.

Here’s something I quickly did this morning, and being a Saturday, I had a little help from the hubs so that I could snap a few pics, process and post all in the same day.  Yay!

It’s no secret I’m addicted to craft, sewing and baking blogs.  I subscribe to so many, and there are always so many good ideas.  I use google reader, and I “star” everything I want to try.  Then when I get some free time and some motivation, I scroll through my starred folder and pick something.

Today I decided to try this one – repurpose some of my favorite old knee socks into some baby legs for Miss Baby Annabelle.  I bought these socks a few years back from Little MissMatched and wore them until they got holes in the feet.  I don’t know why I hung on to them after that, I guess because I loved them so much?  I’m glad I did because they made super cute baby legs!  Check ’em out.

knee socks to baby legs

I had hubby spot the baby on the chair so that she could model them for me…

sweet baby Annabelle in her new baby legsI love how the little curled up edges turned out…

baby tootsies and cute baby legs

And while I was at it, I thought I’d use the idea to make the feet of the socks into something fun too.  I told each of the big kids to pick which of their friends they wanted a hat for.  Lizzy picked her baby, and Justin picked his monkey.

monkey and baby in sock hats

Loved this quick and easy project – I want to go out and buy all the cute knee socks I can find and make Annabelle an entire wardrobe of baby legs now!