I’ve got spring fever!

I was looking through photos from last summer yesterday, remembering how lovely all the greenery is, and suddenly… BAM I’ve got spring fever. In January. What a bummer, I’ve got a long wait for that green to come back!

In the meantime, I thought I’d spring-ify (sure, it’s a word) my mantel. I found the spring fling garland I started two years ago, but never finished. Yeah, two years ago! My poor neglected, half-finished projects.

So I finished up the garland this morning and I’m so happy with how it turned out, I thought I’d share.



I even dug out my Easter bunnies for the occasion!

The spring fling garland was super easy to make, just a little time consuming cutting out all those circles of fabric. I did the cutting while I watched TV on the weekend, sewed them together after all the cutting was done and then threaded them onto the twine. Follow the link above for a more detailed tutorial.

Now, bring on spring, y’all!


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